Custom Fast EV Charging Points

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Fast electric vehicle charging station

  • Output power 60-220kW
  • Two/three output
  • Charging payment system
  • Energy and money saving EV charging solutions
  • Floor stand or wall mounted


Product Description

42/84KW AC charging piles with higher power AC three-phase charging can provide charging services for electric vehicles that support three-phase AC charging interfaces, while supporting 7KW AC charging.

• Phase adaptive technology;

• Intelligent control technology, powerful computing and control functions make the whole system run more efficiently;

• Touch screen display, full charging process screen prompt function, simple operation;

• Key nodes of the charging process have sound and light prompts for easy operation;

• Real-time charging metering and billing function, supporting local and background billing functions;

• Real-time display of charged amount, charging time, current electricity price, charging price and other information and operating status through the touch screen;

• Support dual-mode operation: offline operation mode and network operation mode, among which the network operation mode provides Ethernet, WIFI, GPRS (3G/4G) and other communication interfaces, the networking mode is convenient and flexible, and users can choose according to their needs;

• Complete protection functions, including short circuit, overload, overvoltage, undervoltage, temperature, leakage, lightning protection, gun drawing protection, etc.;

• Multiple payment methods, including APP payment, QR code payment, local card payment, etc.;



  • Community construction supporting
  • Hotel, hospital, public building supporting
  • Office building, shopping mall parking supporting
  • Electric vehicle factory supporting

Power Specifications

Input Connection 3-Phase : 3P+N+PE
Input Voltage 400Vac ±10%
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
THDi ≤5%
Power Factor ≥0.98
Output Voltage 150Vdc – 1000Vdc
Max. Output Current 200A( 250A Optional)
Rated Power 60kW – 160kW

User Interface & Control
LCD Display 7″ Color Touch Screen( 12″ Customization )
User Authentication RFID( ISO/IEC 14443)( APP/ Credit Card Customization )
LED Indicator Green/Blue/Red
Charger Connector CCS2 ( CCS1 / CHAdeMO Optional )
Number of Charging Interface 1 or 2
Energy Measuring DC meter, with 1% accuracy


Backend Ethernet (4G Optional )
Charging Protocol ISO 15118 , DIN 70121
Backend Protocol OCPP 1.6 J (OCPP2.x Coming soon)


Residual Current Device Yes
Internal Fuse Yes
Electrical Protection “Over/Under Voltage Protection,Over Current Protection, Short Circuit Protec- tion, Over Temperature Protection, Lightning Protection, Ground Fault, Surge


Operating Temperature -30℃ – +50℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ – +75℃
Operating Humidity Max. 93% RH, Non-Condensing
Operating Altitude ≤2000m
IP, lK Level IP54, IK10
Cooling Method Fan Cooling


Product Dimension 700mm*550mm*1800mm( W*D*H )
Package Dimension 950mm*720mm*1950mm( W*D*H )
Charging Cable Length 5m ( Customizable )
Weight 363kg( Net ) / 380kg( Gross )
Mounting Free Standing





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