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Intelligent Power Meter Multi-Function Three Phase 3-Wire 4-Wire Electricity Meter


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Tuya Automatic Reclosing Protector

 WiFi 3P4W Photovoltaic Meter Three Phase Reclosure Switch Intelligent Reclosing Protector

The electric meter has an LCD display design that can simultaneously display real-time voltage and current on the digital screen. The meter is equipped with a high-quality protection switch that integrates multiple protection functions. When undervoltage, overvoltage, or overcurrent occurs on the line, this product can immediately cut off the power supply to prevent electrical equipment from being burned. This product is adjusted according to the actual local conditions, and the undervoltage, overvoltage, and overcurrent protection values can be set by yourself.

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Digital Electric Power Meter with LCD Backlight Display

3-phase 4-wire energy meter with high accuracy is designed for the measurement of rated frequency 50 or 60Hz single-phase AC active electricity.
High-quality flame retardant ABS case, with good impact resistance, heat/ cold resistance, insulativity and durability.
With 6+2 digits backlight LCD display, the meter accurately counts and clearly displays the energy consumption.
Adopts 35mm DIN standard guide rail installation, compact size and light weight make installation easier.
Pure copper wiring terminal with excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance can ensure large current during long-time performance.

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