Intelligent Single-phase Wifi Electricity Meter


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Intelligent Single-phase Tuya Wifi Electricity Meter Digital Display 3 Electric Tariff Modes 35mm DIN Rail Installation Smartphone APP Remotely Control with Timing Sharing Alarm WiFi Network Remote Upgrade Function

262K Digital Color Display: Full-view IPS full-color display with 240*RGB*240 resolution, bringing a different color visual experience, designed with a variety of functional interface content.
3 Electric Tariff Modes: Support single rate mode, ladder mode, and peak/valley/step-mode to meet different needs.
Tariff Setting: Freely set peaks and valley tariffs and ladder tariffs, realize the division of electricity consumption in multiple time periods, calculate different tariffs for each time period, can set 4 levels of ladder tariffs, each level can freely set interval tariffs.
Powerful APP Control: Mobilephone APP network remotes control, rich functions, remote full coverage of virtually all host functions to mobilephone APP, support function control, data monitoring, charging and discharging curve statistics, etc. There is no distance limit, and devices can be controlled whenever and wherever there is a communication signal.
Enhanced Power Management: Mobilephone remote meter reading, statistics of electricity consumption, support view electricity consumption reports (electricity consumption/daily/monthly/yearly reports) in APP, real-time management of efficient electricity consumption, statistics of daily, monthly, and yearly electricity consumption, and know the daily electricity expenditure.
Timing Function: Support for adding multiple sets of timing data, support for setting the power on time, and automatically disconnecting the power when the power on time is over, also can be directly on the mobilephone remote switch meter, to achieve remote power off or turn on the power.
Quadruple Protections & Multiple Alarms: Overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overpower, fully automatic power-off protections, with buzzer and interface display dual alarms, safer electricity usage.
Pre-payment Function: Support first pay, then use electricity, and after recharging, it will automatically cut off the power when the repaid power bill is insufficient.
Power Data Clearing Function: Support for meter cumulative data clearing and mobilephone APP remote operation to clear power data.
Multi-device & Sharing Function: Support for one mobilephone to control multiple devices at the same time, and also support for multiple mobilephones to control one device.
WiFi Network Remote Upgrade: Our engineers will keep updating the product firmware according to user requirements for better optimization and more functions, the upgrade is free to the user once purchased.
Rail Slot Installation: The 35mm standard rail is used for universal installation, no screws are required and the rail is fastened with a clip for easy installation.
Wide Applications: Suitable for a variety of occasions, such as homes, rental houses, shopping malls, schools, factories, etc.


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